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  • H1B extension RFE


    I've a question regarding a RFE which i got for my visa extension. My Visa expired Nov 10th, 2009. My employer applied for the extension around 26th of Oct with premium processing. We got a RFE on Nov 10th asking for the following:

    **** ****
    1. Copies of Signed contracts between the petitioner and Myself

    2. A complete iternary of services or engagements that specifies the dates of each service or engagement, the names and addresses of the actual employers and the names and addresses of the establishment, venues, or locations where the services will be performed for the period of time requested; and

    3.Copies of signed contractual agreements, statements of work, work orders, service agreements, and letters between the petitioner and the authorize officials of the ultimate end client companies where the work will actually be performed by "My Name" and which provides a detailed description of the duties the beneficiary will perform, the qualifications that are required to perform the job duties, salary or wages paid, hours worked, benefits, a brief description of who will supervise the beneficiary and their duties, and any other related evidence.
    **** **** *

    My I94 is valid till Dec 22nd and the due date to reply for RFE is also Dec 22nd. I've the current client contract which ends Dec 31st 2009. I don't have a new contract after that. I'm expecting to get it anytime before Dec 31st but not before Dec 22nd.

    What options do i have now to respond to the RFE? Can i attach the current client contract? But if i do so, i guess, i will get extension only upto Dec 31st of 2009.

    I've read in some other forums that in case we dont have the client letter, we can provide the following as a replacement:

    1. An official email, (any email from the official email id),
    2. Most recent approved timesheets and
    3. Copy of the id card with the client

    I would like to know if any of you were/are in the similar situation and if so, how did you respond to the RFE and did your extension got approved?

    P.S: My status: Completed 7th year on H1. Have my I140 approved.

    Thanks in advance.