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H4 to L1 visa transfer

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  • H4 to L1 visa transfer

    I have a situation here.
    I recently got married and want to apply H4 for my wife. She is working for Indian based MNC which has office in US. Her company is trying to do L1 for her and already filed L1 petition. We think it may take 2 months for the entire L1 process completion and booking a travel date. But we want to spend time together on these holidays.. So the plan is she would come here on H4 visa for these holidays(taking as vacation) and go back India in Jan first week.

    My question is, Will already existance of H4 visa creates any problem for here in getting L1?
    Will VO consider having H4 already as a rejection criteria?

    She has been working past 3.5 years with her employer. (who filed L1 petition for her).

    Thanks in adavance

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    No issues at all. She can have L1 and H4 together.


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      Same at a time?

      Both the visas at a time? Or
      Her H4 visa will be cancelled after she getting L1.
      And infuture, if she has to come back to H4, she has to file for another visa stamp. Isn't it? Just want to confirm.


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        As already mentioned, she can have both visas together.
        But it again depends on VO.

        While in US, if she wants to move from L1 to H4, a COS has to be filed.
        No visa stamp required. Visa is just an entry permit.