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H1 exemption for me?

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  • H1 exemption for me?

    I learned from this site that H1 exemption applies to employees of higher education institues, non-profit organization and government research organization. Does this mean ALL universities and non-profit organizations? If not, how can I determine whether my (future) employer is qualified in these categories?

    I am in Environmental Engineering and interested in research type of job. Since 2005 quota has been reached, I thought H1 exemption might be a way to go for me. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!


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    don't quote me on this because i am also relatively new on this, but from what i understand you still need to apply for a h1 visa. it is just that they will not count it as part of the cap if you are working for educational institutions.


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      nothing to do with the cap

      it is just to decide whether to charge the fee or not.
      Nothing to do with the cap(cap includes non-profit organizations too)