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H1B extension letter of support

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  • H1B extension letter of support

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I am planning to file for H1B extension. I have drafted the following letter from a template. Please help me proof read the bolded text in the letter below before I submit the corrected draft to my H1B sponsor.

    Your time and feedback on this letter is very much appreciated.

    Best Regards



    <Employer Name>
    <Company Name>
    <Direct Phone Line>


    Department of Homeland Security
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
    [Service Center Address]

    Re: H-1B (Extension) Nonimmigrant Specialty Occupation for on behalf of [Full Name]

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    We are writing this letter in support of H-1B nonimmigrant classification extension on behalf of [First Name] in the specialty occupation of Software Quality Assurance. On this basis, we provide you with details regarding our business operations, the proposed employment, and confirmation of [First Name] nationality and professional qualifications.

    [Brief statement regarding the petitioning employer, including company background, date of formation, business/industry, number of employees, and annual revenues.]

    We currently wish to employ [First Name] as a Software QA Engineer in our [City, State] office. As a professional in the Software Testing field, he will be responsible for coming up with the [detailed description of job duties including knowledge/skills utilized: test plan, detailed manual test cases, creating an automated regression test suite, setting up a defects tracking and management framework, gathering client business requirements and training end users on the effective use of the software application].
    The position of Software QA Engineer requires a theoretical and practical application of specialized knowledge. [First Name] will be required to [State duties of offered position with emphasis on duties that require application and use of academic/professional skills gained through a bachelor’s degree or equivalent: plan the software testing process, write detailed manual test cases, prepare a regression test suite, track and manage defects, gather business requirements from the client and come up with a program to train the end user on the custom software application]. The offered position requires the application of knowledge gained through completion of a bachelor’s degree in Science, or a closely related field, or the equivalent.

    [First Name] is a citizen of [Country Name]. His academic/professional qualifications make him an ideal candidate for the offered position of Software QA Engineer. In [Month, Year], he received a Bachelor of Science degree from [University Name], [please list relevant coursework: where he completed coursework in Introduction to Computing Science (i.e. Java Programming), Prog With Data Structures (i.e. advanced Java Programming), Formal Systems & Logic (i.e. code analysis course), Practical Programming Methodology (i.e. C++ Programming) and Bioinformatics I (i.e. Perl programming) ] among others. His education has been evaluated by [an education evaluation service] to be the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree in Science. A copy of the evaluation is included as a part of this petition (if foreign degree).

    In addition to these academic accomplishments, [First Name] also possesses professional experience. [Describe prior work experience, if any: He has worked as a QA analyst consultant at [Client Name] for the past 1.5 years where he has worked with manual and automated testing of SAP APO, SAP ECC, Oracle ERP and .NET Applications].

    We believe that [First Name]’s academic achievements and his professional experience will qualify him to serve as a Software QA Engineer with our organization. In return for his services, [First Name] will receive a base salary of $__________ per year.

    Based on the foregoing, we submit that [First Name] is eligible for H-1B classification, and we, therefore, seek your favorable decision and approval of our request.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    [Employer Name]

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    Your employer (and their attorney) knows better than anybody else.
    Just use what they give to you.