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H1b to H4 query-Please help someone

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  • H1b to H4 query-Please help someone

    I came to US on 2000 then this year 2004 i got a new h1.but for some reason i did not join the company.I have a valid h4 approval notice till 2006.Please some one tell me ,if my employer cancels my h1,am i out of status.Should If i leave for india b4 he cancels,If i did, can i get my old h4 stamped.

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    I am assuming you entered US on H4.
    If you have a valid H1 approval and you goto consulate for stamping,
    they might ask you for paystubs,w2,...etc. Actually if your case is not "change of status from H4 to H1" then you can utilize both H4 and H1.
    You can go out and come back on H4 again, do not take risk/trouble of getting H1 stamped. Visa is to enter the country, if you already have a valid visa (H4), then you don't have to goto consulate.
    send me a mail to [email protected] for more details.

    There is no way you can find out whether the employer informed the INS about the termination of your employment.