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Urgent :: L1-H1 COS effective date monday

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  • Urgent :: L1-H1 COS effective date monday

    I am currently in US working with employer A on L1 visa, my COS petition for H1 with employer B is set to be effective on 11th of January (Monday).

    My last working day with company A is negotiable & is guided by the fact that i want the transition to be smooth & not to be out of status for a single day.

    Since the two previous days to my H1 effective date happen to be saturday & sunday (9th & 10th) my last working day can either be

    8th in which case i will be out of status in my guess on 9th & 10th


    11th i guess that's illegal since i cant work with my L1 employer on H1 effective date

    Is there any solution to this situation? Can my last working day be set to a sunday(10th)?

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    Last day at A any day before Monday 11. Once COS is approved (or even applied for) you can stay in the US without maintaining L1 status. But from H1 effective date you have to maintain H1 status.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      thanks a lot this is indeed encouraging. Since my h petition is approved in my understanding i can stay in US till my H effective date without working with my L employer