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  • Please advise URGENT

    Here is my situation:
    I graduated from a US university in sept 2006 with a bachelors in electrical engineering after which I was on OPT for a Year. I worked for six months on the OPT. When my OPT was about to expire, I still had a job and wanted to continue working. I had not applied for an H1 that year so I went to a vocational school in NYC that offers CPT to students who are working. I explained my situation frankly to the lady and she issued me the CPT which allowed me to work in the states for another year. I applied for a H1 the following year (2008) but did not make the lottery. However, all this time, I still had a job and wanted to continue working and now have to quit and leave because of the H1 problem. Finally, I had to leave my Job a week before my CPT expired because I knew I would not be allowed to legally work in the states. Within two months, I managed to get admission in a University in the same town to pursue a masters. I was on F1 status and applied for H1 again last year (2009) and finally managed to get my H1 approved. I started working on the day I was allowed to work legally as per my H1, and have never been illegally employed or present in the US.

    My question is:
    I have all the documentation that corroborates my story above (I-20s et al). Will I have difficulty getting my H1 stamped? Like I said, I was never in the states illegally and have never been employed illegally.

    P.S My visa expired in July 2007. I am now in Mumbai very worried if my H1 will be stamped. I have never been illegally present or employed in the US like I mentioned earlier, but I did do a lot of stuff to stay legal. I have always been on F1 status throughout I might add. Never a different status.

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    You have been in legal status through out, so getting an H1B should not be a problem. Make sure you carry all the required documents (Listed in the "Visas" section of immihelp) and you should be good. Do get an employment verification letter and a client letter (If you work @ the client location) which will be very much helpful.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      Thanks a lot for the prompt reply. I am working on an in-house project and I have the employment verification letter and all the other documentation required.
      It is quite reassuring to hear that I should not have a problem. Thanks again for the prompt reply.