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Got 221g for damaged passport

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  • Got 221g for damaged passport


    I had attented the interview at the Chennai consulate on Dec 18, 2009 for my H1-B visa restamping as I got my work permit extended from my employer

    I received a 221g blue slip on Dec 24, 2009 from the consulate considering my passport as damaged and requested to apply for a new passport in order to get the visa re-stamped

    I applied for a new passport (replacement for existing one) on Dec 27, 2009 and got it on Jan 2, 2010

    I have submitted the old & new passports on Jan 4, 2010 along with Ds 156, 157, a photo and the blue slip (only those are requested by the consulate) to my employer so that they can courier to VFS

    Can anyone let me know how much time the consulate will take for processing my visa and when it will be delivered by VFS to me/my employer?

    I have to report back in a week's time and I'm keeping my fingers crossed to see my passport with the visa stamped

    Any info on this regard is kindly appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    221g for damaged passport

    Mine is similar case but I am on H4. Now applying for new passport under tatakal.

    Could you give me some info regarding the list if the documents need to be submitted in regional passport office. Now getting the verification letter......just heard from a friend, while typing this message that it took 20 days for him to get the visa (F1) stamped on his new passport regarding the damaged passport issue.

    If you wish, plz send me the information regarding the documents for passport office and also while submitting at VFS counter to [email protected]



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      You need to fill out the online application form for applying through Tatkal, you can contact one of the online booking center inside the RPO, they will do it for 60 Rs.

      For the proof of identity and address, I had submitted the voters card, 10th mark sheet and also showed the old passport.

      Also you need to submit a Annexure I (notary form) - the online booking center will do that also for you for 200 Rs


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        Damaged passport

        Thanks for the info.
        Here is my list:
        damaged passport
        2. copy of damaged passport-front and back pages
        3. Verification certificate
        4. 10th marks sheet-copy
        5. passport size photos
        6.marriage certificate
        7. Some affidavits .
        8. Bank pass book for address proof


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          Me also have 221g for damaged passport. Dates you mentioned exactly matches my case also. i've submitted new passport, new ds forms on jan-4th, can you please let me know the status of your case. mine is still under processing. let me know, thanks


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            damaged passport: Case status

            I was given 221g blue and asked to obtain new passport. I was also given a case number (11 digits) and when I checked the website (us consulate) for my case status, all the numbers there are 14 and I don't see mine. Do we really need to worry on this issue-case not found or once we obtain a new passport, we can just drop at the VFS counter along with 56 and 57. Please give me some info..


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              How many days it took for you to receive the passport with Visa stamped since you dropped in VFS drop box?



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                Hi Guys...

                How long it took to get back your new passport after stamping?

                I'm also in the similar situation. I submitted my new passport and documents to VFS on 26th April 2010 for my L1b Blanket. My employer is a BEP member, will that help in processing quicker?

                Please post a reply or send me a mail or you can contact me on my mobile #.

                Thanks in advance,
                [email protected]


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                  I got it in 4 working days