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Received only i-94 when H1-B was transferred

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  • Received only i-94 when H1-B was transferred


    My H1 was till Sept 30 2009 and my employer A applied for an extension of my H1 and got it approved till Sept 30 2012. I received an I-797 and I-94 for this renewal. At the same time the company i was working on - company B - applied for my H1 for me to permanently move to this company B. So during that process, as my H1 from company A got approved, company B appended those docs (I-797). I guess thi s was an H1 transfer... So finally I received only I-94 from my current company which is company B whereas my I-797 still have company A as the employer. The dates in I-94 are also different. I-94 from company B is having till Oct 1 2012.

    Also, my son is a dependent on me. So I received I-94 for my son only from company A, but from company B I didnt receive I-94 for my son which i think is really strange. Also, how can H1 be approved without I-797 ?? If i go for stamping will it not be a problem as the employer and dates are different in I-797 and I-94...

    Please advice... Has someone has a similar situation..