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change employer in 6th year

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  • change employer in 6th year


    I wanted to know what are my options if I want to change employer in my
    6th year of h1.

    My h1 is valid till 2011
    My current employer sent my labor application in dec 2009.
    There is no update about the labor application yet.

    Now I want to look for a new job for better prospects.
    1)So if i want to keep current h1 and have it renewable
    then i need to get the new job and have my perm filed by the new employery latest by sept 2010.
    This is because labor application needs to be pending for a year.
    Is that right?

    2)If i want a fresh h1 with 6 yrs validity then can i go on an h4,look for a new job and get a fresh new h1 with 6 yrs validity?
    Would I have to stay out of the country for a year when i change to h4?

    Thanks for your responses.

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    1) Yes
    2) Yes