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  • H1B RFE need Help

    Hi All,

    I have few questions regarding the H1B extension and what should I do to respond to the RFE.

    freinds I am working on the client(X) site through a vendor(A) and my company(Y) is working with another vendor(B) for vendor(A) and for the client(X) . As some new H1 memo came which defined Employee and Employer relationship. I have few doubts and would need your suggestions.

    i) my present H1B expired on jan10th 2010 but my company(Y) has applied for my extension in november 2009 and We got receipt notice. But we got an RFE on jan 5th 2010.

    a) Am I am legal to work untill my case is decided or I should go out of USA and come once the case gets resolved.
    b) can I file for new h1 B transfer now from another comapany(Z)
    c) in my RFE they asked for the client letter and asked whether any vendor's are there. Does providing the client letter will help or I have to provide vendor letters.
    d) I any one who got RFE's similarly please let me know how you responded.

    for more Idea the RFE I got is as follows

    **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **
    Submit a signed statement clarifying the physical locations(s) where the beneficiary will work during the validity dates requested. Include specific dates,locations,and the name of the business at each work site where the beneficiary’s services will be delivered

    For each work site location, submit a letter from the end client that identifies:

    - The name of the Project the beneficiary is assigned to
    - The title and the duties of the beneficiary’s position
    - The contracted employment dates
    - Whether there is a vendor through whom the beneficiary’s services are provided
    - The name of the vendor,if applicable
    - Contact information from the end client which includes,the name of an individual,address and telephone number where the contact can be reached
    - The name,title and contact information of the person who primarily supervises or will supervise the beneficiary at the work site ; and
    - Whether the work site has the ability to assign the beneficiary to different employer.

    The information above is necessary to determine whether the actual duties to be performed are duties associated with the speciality occupation sought

    If the beneficiary will work on an in-house project,submit evidence describing the in-house project , the length of time the beneficiary is expected to work on the project,team members assigned to the project,their titles and duties, and invoices showing the development of the product for your customer or evidence that your business normally engages in software development.
    **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **

    Please help.