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Multiple H1 and re-entering from India

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  • Multiple H1 and re-entering from India

    Hi all,
    * I am in the US and I have a valid H1B from my current employer and my passport has been stamped for this H1B.
    * I have a job offer from another company and they have filed for my new H1B.
    My question is :
    1) When will the H1B from my current employer expire?
    2) I the time between filing for a new H1 and getting an approval notice (which I believe would take 3-4 weeks???), I want to travel to India. When I returned back, can I return back with my original employers H1 B stamp on my passport?
    3) Will there be a problem re-entering, as in is it likely that I will be questioned about a new impending H1B?
    Thanks a lot in advance for the great help!

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    Your H1 stamp is valid even after you join new company. You can enter any time until expiration of H1 stamp and with new company's H1 approval notice.
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