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    One question. Is it ok to be denied a house loan from a bank due to inmigration status H1-B?


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    Hi Luis,

    I have attended housing seminars and read some publications about how to get a mortgage even for H1 guys like us.

    Is pretty simple to get a mortgage even for ilegal alliens, the reason is because a mortgage is a secured loan by nature (you cannot take your house with you)

    Ilegal immigrants, H1's and other non-permanent residents may get a mortgage loan with the difference that the interest rate will be slighty higher that citizens or permanent residents.

    The reason(s) a bank denies a credit to any borrower are:
    - Bad credit history (check your credit score)
    - Short credit history and low income profile.

    If you have a decent income (25,000 year and up)
    No or low debt
    Credit Score of 550 or better
    You will be subject for a loan


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      Yes, you can get house loan H1. Interest rate may be higher.
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