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    I have been out of US for over 6 months now(2010). Before leaving US, I had consumed only 10 months of my H1B visa. However my visa was never stamped on my passport as I did not go out of US in those 10 months when my H1B was active. Now I have the following query:
    - I plan to come back to the US in October 2010, will I be subjected to the cap again as my visa is not stamped and I will be out of US for more than a year?. Or can the same H1B be revived without going under the cap, for a seperate firm?

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    You can use the same CAP. You will get only the remaining period (6 year - whatever time you have already spent in H1B) if you use the same CAP. If you want to apply for a fresh H1B (subjected to CAP) to get a fresh 6 year period, then you need to stay out of U.S for 1 whole year before you apply again.

    Visa stamping has nothing to do with any of these as visa is just an entry document to U.S.
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