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H1 B termination by employer

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  • H1 B termination by employer


    I came out side in Oct, 2009 as my mother was not well at my home country. She passed away last month and now I am planning to come back to US. As per my H1B visa, it is still valid upto December 2010.
    Now, my employer is planning to terminate my H1 as I am not on their payroll. I do not want to loose my H1 B status.
    Could you please let me know, what will be the better advice?
    Is it really a problem for my employer to keep my H1 status, as I am out side the country?

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    There is no status when you are out of the country. USCIS want all employers to revoke the H1B if the candidate no longer work for them.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.