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Help with Social Security and medicare

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  • Help with Social Security and medicare

    I started working since April of 2003 (almost 18 months) for a Government Agency. I was on OPT till November,2003 AND SINCE THEN ON MY h-1
    I noticed that from my every pay check (twice a month),
    9.5% is deducted for Social Security and 1.45% for Medicare. Since I am on my H-1 visa and planning to return to India in a couple of years,
    I seriously feel this amount shoudnt have been deducted. Do I have to contact my employer or the Social Security in order to obtain the deducted amount.
    The main problem is I am the first international with our organisation and my personnell manager is not very good at handling these issues.

    Also, federal and state taxes withheld are 15.85% and 3.4 %. I am really not sure if these are the right % for anyone on H-1 Visa.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    my opinion

    I am reading books for financial planning. I am a foreign allien working in the USA like you, and I am investigating how to cut as much as possible my taxes under my status.

    Unfortunately according the information I got, there is no way to avoid local, state or federal taxes while working in the USA for foreigners. We should pay taxes depending our tax bracket.

    I still invetigating if I can cut some of them, and how.


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      tony is right. You must pay those taxes. No way to avoid them.
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        How about Social Security and medicare taxes ?

        There got to be a way to avoid those taxes while working on temporary visa. I do not like the idea of depending on another country organization when i am at 65.

        It is really hijacking people money