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Vacation to India - with two approval notice - please help

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  • Vacation to India - with two approval notice - please help

    Hello All

    I have my stamped visa from employer 1 till May 5th 2019 on my passport and I came to US in 2017 May, after that I did not go out of country. I transferred my VISA from employer 1 to employer 2 - at that time I got approved i797 copy till Aug 1 2019. I applied for my second extension this feb and got approved as well. In that they had mentioned the start validity from Aug 2 2019 to Dec 2020.

    With this scenario I wanted to go to India for vacation for 3 weeks. So I am stuck here on how to proceed. Now I have got two i797 copies one valid till Aug 2019 and another valid from Aug 2 2019 till Dec 2020.

    I am eligible fro drop box - if i got for drop box, which I797 copy should i give? My friends said me that Consulate will normally take the latest i797 and they will issue visa from Aug 2 2019 only and I cant travel back if I go for vacation in May and I will be stuck up in India till Aug 2

    Other say- you can get the stamping done with extension and when you are travelling back in u can use show the i797 approval which was approved till Aug 1 2019 and can enter even though the stamping may say from Aug 2 2019

    Please help friends

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    can someone please reply me and help me