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H1B 2019 2020 cap--april1st

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  • H1B 2019 2020 cap--april1st

    Hi all,
    Need info regarding the below query:

    currently I am on L1b visa(from 2017) but i had a old h1b which was expired in 2015(just used 1 year) and went back to India in 2015. Then came in 2017 on L1B.
    lately i have applied for renewal of my old H1B(from 2015) using L to H conversion in California center where waiting time is 10-13 months.

    I would like to know, can i also go for the new H1b cap in this year april-2019-2020 quota with the same employer. because if my old H1b (which i got in 2013), for some reason get rejected since i am renewing after 4 years gap.
    I will still have the chance under the new cap.

    please give your suggestion, that will be helpful.