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Change of US embassy location for H1 visa interview

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  • Change of US embassy location for H1 visa interview

    Hello - My I-797B shows the consulate name as Hyderabad. So I choose Hyderabad while filing DS-160. I already submitted DS-160 and I have the confirmation page with me.
    When I logged in to make the payment and book the interview date, it is asking me to select "Country or State of Residence". If I select Kerala or Karnataka, the system is picking Chennai consulate, which is different from what is mentioned in I-797B.
    Will there be any issue if I select Chennai consulate for visa interview ?
    System will pick Hyderabad consulate only If I select Andhra Pradesh or Telangana. But I have never been to both of these states.
    Can you please advise how to proceed further.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Normally what your attorney enters in the I-129 petition is what appears on your 797. If your employer has changed to consular processing, then you will have to go to the same consulate for stamping as the consulate will be notified about your appearance. Pls double check with others as this is my opinion only. If you go to Chennai consulate, there is some amount of risk I believe as you/attorney had falsified on I-129.