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first time H4 visa, please help

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  • gopalakrishnach
    Since now your laid off it will be risky for H4 to go to interview. You need to find new employer and get H1B petition approved. Then H4 can go to visa interview.

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  • vb8188
    started a topic first time H4 visa, please help

    first time H4 visa, please help

    Hi all,
    I am on H1-B visa and I was laid off on 29th March 2019, Also I recently got married on 23rd Feb 2019 and I was thinking maybe while I am technically still in staus, (60 days grace period), I was thinking to have my wife's H4 visa processed before my 60 days run out. if it's not advisable what would be the best thing to do to bring my wife here in the US. I would really appreciate any answers.