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Impact on H4/ H4-EAD due to change in employer

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  • Impact on H4/ H4-EAD due to change in employer


    Looking for a suggestion on immigration situation. I am working for a desi consulting firm on H1B with valid visa for 2.5 years more. My wife is having H4 & H4-EAD approvals as well and working. Now I am considering joining full-time either an end client or a big firm. My questions (assuming I will be changing employer) are :

    - Can I file for H1B transfer alone so that my wife's H4 & H4-EAD does not impact as she has valid I94 for 2.5 years more ?
    - Will it be possible for her to go to India & comeback with H4 tied my old employer's H1B ?
    - Can she continue to work on her H4-EAD card as my I140 is still with old employer ?


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    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. I donot know

    I am not an expert. Please consult expert. This is not an legally advice.