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H-4 Visa denied 2nd time ( Employed on H-4 EAD ). Please help

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  • H-4 Visa denied 2nd time ( Employed on H-4 EAD ). Please help

    Today my wife got her h-4 visa denied for the 2nd time

    Here is the conversation that my wife had:

    VO: Can I have your passport and spouses 1797
    Me: I handed over the passport and i797
    VO : Looking at the 1797 , he asked what employer does your spouse work for ?
    Me: He works for XXX in San Francisco, California.
    VO: When did you get married ?
    Me: We got married on xxx DEC 2016.
    VO: Do you have kids ?
    Me: No Sir.
    VO: Please read the pamphlet
    VO: After typing in for a few minutes he asked me will you be joining your spouse in California ?
    Me: Yes Sir I will be joining my spouse in California
    VO: I see you have been reject an L1 earlier
    Me: Yes Sir
    VO: Are you employed right now ?
    Me: Yes sir I am employed by XXX Inc in bay area pursuant to H4 EAD but I am on leave right now.
    VO: He told me that he will be back in a minute
    Me: Sure Sir
    VO: He came back after a minute and said I am cannot approve you visa , read this pamphlet for more information and gave me a 214 ( b ).

    Thank you.

    I am not sure how to handle this situation now. I wanted to know if we can appeal to the consulate in this case. Also, will it help if I go to get my stamping with my wife? I am not able to give a reason how L-1B rejection is triggering H-4 visa rejection. My wife was certain for getting the visa approved till they asked about L-1. Also does this mean she will have to resign from her and job and then come?
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    I am sorry to hear that. It looks like L-1B rejection played its part and also H4 EAD added to it. Since her visa was not given I guess her H4 and H4 EAD approvals ( if she had any ) are also rejected. I do not know she cannot now.


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      can some one suggest?