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H1 Transfer while another transfer in progress

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  • H1 Transfer while another transfer in progress

    Hello. Need help with my case below.

    I was working for company A, my project ended in Feb 2019 and they paid one month bench Salary till March end. They terminated me as of March 29, 2019 since they couldn't find any projects. I have I94 valid with Company A till Oct 2020.

    I got 2 job offers Company B, C during the bench period. I accepted Company C offer but they are delaying the Transfer process so I accepted Company B to keep my status active and also have pay roll.

    Company B filed H1 Transfer regular processing and I started working for them beginning Apr 8th (One week after Company A termination).

    Company C came back now is ready to file my Transfer in Premium. Is it okay for Company C to file H1 transfer while Company B's transfer petition is pending. I am planning to join Company C if the transfer gets approved.

    Will it Impact anything in future with respect to Immigration law. Is there a better way to handle this situation.