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Effect of L1b blanket denial on H1B attempt after H1B lottery pickup

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  • Effect of L1b blanket denial on H1B attempt after H1B lottery pickup

    Hi everyone

    My company initiated my L1B (blanket) and H1B (non-masters regular, not premium) together. I booked an appointment for L1B interview on first week of July. Just few days I got to know my H1B petition got picked in the lottery which I was not at all expecting, because of reversal in lottery order from this year. Since my company is a reputed one, pay scale is at per with the market, I was expecting my H1B will get approved. So I was thinking of stopping my L1B blanket interview attempt but company appointed lawyers are recommending that I go for both, as H1B is just picked but not approved yet.

    My questions to all you people:

    1) What are the chances of H1B getting approved? What are the chances of rejections ?
    2) If I appear for L1B and that gets denied, will it impact my H1B attempt/interview anyway ? FYI - I had L1B denials previously - Once at the consulate, once in individual USCIS attempt.

    What do you people recommend?

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    2. They are independent of each other. Denial/acceptance of one visa does not affect the other. You can have any number of valid non-immigrant visas stamped in your passport.
    Just an opinion; Not legal advice.