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OPT expiring May 2005!! Please advise

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  • OPT expiring May 2005!! Please advise

    I had a question about my visa case. I am currently on OPT (post graduation; F1-visa) that expires in May 2005. My F-1 has already expired. My company is willing to file for an H1-B petition for me in April 2005. I understand that the H1-B cap for FY2005 has been met and my valid H1-B status will start from Oct 2005 (if approved). My company's lawyer said that I can stay for two additional months after my OPT expires that is until July 2005. If my H1 is approved, do you know if I can stay in US after July 2005 ? If not, if my go back to my home country - India (from July 2005-Oct 2005), what are my chances of not getting the H1-B stamp ? Is there any other option available to me to get a valid stay in US from July 2005 thru Oct 2005 ?

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    yes..may be.

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