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Visa Revalidation in India after change of employer

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  • Visa Revalidation in India after change of employer

    I was issued a h1 visa on bahalf of company A, valid till Sep 2005. I changed employer recently and have an approved petition valid till Oct 2007.

    The visa stamp on my passport expires in sep 2005. I am planning to visit India in Feb 2005.Can i get my visa revalidated 6 months before my visa actually expires. Or do i have to wait for 60 days before the expiry to again revalidate my visa?

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    I don't think you can apply 6 months in advance. Please call te consulate.

    This is not a legal advice. You may use at your own risk or contact a legal professional.


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      H1B Revalidation from Mumbai..

      Hi There,
      I have been reading all the threads related to H1b Revalidation. My case is also similar.

      I was working for company A and still have visa stamped from this until Sep 2005. I have changed my job in June 2004 and have received new petition from new employer, which is valid until 2007. I am visiting India in June for one month and planning to re-validate my Visa at Mumbai embassy.

      I am totally confused, because there have been so many sad back and hassles, getting it revalidated. Also don’t want to get stuck in India for more then one month because that is the approved vacation.

      Since my old employer visa will be valid in June, Can I return back with same visa and get the I94 based on new petition. This way at least, I would secure my current Job for another remaining years or until I move out from country.

      Any suggestion and replies are highly appreciated.