My current visa status is L1B. The L1B/L2 I-94 expiry date for the entire family is May-2021.
My H1B petition got approved however the change of status was denied. I have been instructed to visit the consulate outside country to obtain the H1B visa stamp.
My dependents application for change of status i.e. Form I-539 is still pending with USCIS.

Apologies for the long list of questions, but wondering if somebody can answer or offer any suggestions/opinions based on their experience.

1. Can I take my dependents along for Visa stamping knowing their Form I-539 status is still pending? Need to know the best course of action.
2. If I go alone for stamping and obtain the H1B Visa stamp, can my family continue to stay in US with Form I-539 case in pending status?
3. If I obtain the H1B Visa stamp, would it void the L2 I-94 expiry of my dependents?
4. If my H1b Visa is rejected, would I be able travel back as long as my L1B visa is valid?