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H1B - Options to maintain legal status

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  • H1B - Options to maintain legal status

    I am currently employed for a company with H1B status (Company A).

    The situation is the company’s business contracts were acquired by another company (B).
    With this acquisition, new company didn’t wanted to hire employees but were only interested in the clients. So we are still employees of company A and will get paid till the end of this month.

    As per this deal, the new company has to pay acquisition amount to Company A in next 18 months.

    My immigration status is
    H1B - valid till Dec 2020
    I-140 approved from previous employer

    The CEO of our company wants to start another company and wants to hire me back for his new company.
    He is trying to raise funds and get my VISA sponsored with the new company, but he mentioned that to raise funds it might take 40 - 90 days.

    I have couple of questions based on this scenario and be thankful for any help/suggestion provided.

    When will I loose my legal status if not get paid after this month?
    With my LCA application, it states that I will get paid yearly.
    Based on this fact, can I buy some time to maintain my status by asking the CEO to distribute 1 month’s salary over the duration of 3 - 4 months?

    What other options I can opt for in order to maintain the legal status?
    (I am also looking for other opportunities)

    The CEO also mentioned that once he forms the company, either he plans to acquire company A so that he can dissolve us to the new company and may not have to deal with the complex immigration process. Is there a possibility at all in this scenario?

    If at all I have to travel to home, based on the approved I-140, can any employer sponsor me for H1B VISA?