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Is transit visa required for Germany for expired h1b visa holder ?

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  • Is transit visa required for Germany for expired h1b visa holder ?

    As per new rule in April, for a transit visa in Germany, you need to have stamped valid h1b visa or you should have transit visa. They no longer accept I797.

    My sister is traveling to Mumbai, she's taking Lufthansa flight. There is one stop at Munich. While booking this flight she was told by the airline that there is no requirement for visa. Here's the situation with the new rule, her H1b stamped visa is expired, and she does not have transit visa to Munich. The flight is after 2 days and it takes 5 days to get the transit visa. Has anyone gone after April and traveled to Munich as a stopover and no h1b stamped visa on passport ?


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    Hello Naynesh,

    Was your sister able to transit through Germany? I'm in a similar situation and was wondering if she was even allowed to board the plane? If not, did Lufthansa offer to book a flight for her through a different transit?


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      A valid visa on the passport is only required while traveling from India to the US. While returning to India, you do not need a visa as you have an Indian Passport
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