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<URGENT> H1B amendment RFE responded and Extension RFE recieved

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  • <URGENT> H1B amendment RFE responded and Extension RFE recieved

    I have expired I94/I797 dated 31st march 2019.

    I got my amendment RFE and responded to that in May 2019 itself (I filed my amendment in Sep 2018 before coming to USA in Nov 2018)

    In parallel i filed my H1B Extension in Jan 2019, and on 5th July 2019 i got RFE.

    Tricky Part: My project completed for Client A on 30th June 2019, currently i am on bench of my company at Client A location and i might get call for another Project(Say Client B) for a different Location.

    1.Can i go to other location for Client B by filing New LCA and Amendment.
    2.What should i do for current Extension RFE, should i respond RFE back with Client A documents
    3.Should i travel back to India and wait for my amendment and Extension to clear(by submitting the Client A documents again which i submitted while filing fresh extension) and then plan to come back to USA either for same Project/Location(Client A) or maybe for different Project/Location(Client B,C D etc.)

    Please suggest.