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221g administrative processing and passport retained

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  • 221g administrative processing and passport retained


    I attended VISA stamping interview for an already approved petition which is valid until January 2020. Interview was on June 18th and VO asked me basic questions and took a copy of I797 and original passport and mentioned that it needs to go through some additional administrative processing. It's been more than a month and didn't see any change in the status in the website.
    I was reading different forums and from other's experience I saw that if passport is retained, they should resolve it quickly.
    Did anyone face similar experience and is there any way to get the details on what is going on with my case.
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    My case is a little different. Had interview on 2/17. VO asked 2 H1-related questions -- company name and designation. Gave me 221g white slip, held back the passports and told me you should hear back from us within a week. No docs asked -- didnt even look at I797 or anything. Was asked to pick up passport exactly a week after. Got visa.

    So my best guess is that they may be cross-checking a lot to get you the visa. Good luck.


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      My brother received 221G blue slip in Feb,2019 (consulate interview) and was asked to submit documents, the employer emailed all the documents that was marked on the blue slip on March 12, 2019. On June 5th, we received an email from uscis requesting to submit the passport we were so happy that everything went fine with 221G but the shock came when we went to collect the passport after 10 days. They did not stamp the visa on the passport instead they gave one more slip mentioning that "visa is refused for administrative processing and will be reconsidered when administrative processing is complete". Since feb11, 2019 (us consulate interview date) the status on the site is "administrative processing". What I do not understand is, why they requested to submit the passport when the visa is still under administrative processing. We also booked ticket assuming that the passport will have the stamping.

      Can you please advise? Thanks.