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H1B transfer denied - from company A to B

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  • H1B transfer denied - from company A to B

    I was in H1B transfer process from Company A to B.
    1, I have first I-797A approved till 2020 Dec from "Company A"
    2, Later in 2018,due to project amendment I-797A changed to June 30 2019 from "Company A"

    I have changed the H1B from company A to company B and joined company B with receipt notice in Jan-2019.

    3, Now H1B transfer denied due some job code with company B,

    However company B attorney raised Qtn with USICS <-- with new petition on premium process which is in progress now

    Please let me know

    4,What is implication ?
    5,How much time time it may take to get answer from USICS ?
    6,Will this be concerned as out of status ?
    7,Should may arise situation to leave country ?

    Thanks in advance.