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URGENT REQUEST - H1B Stamping in Canada

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  • URGENT REQUEST - H1B Stamping in Canada

    Hello All,

    I am an H1B holder with I-94 validity on the petition upto April 2011 residing in the US. The VISA on my passport has expired in July 07. I have been on valid H1B petitions from the beginning and never had to travel outside US since my VISA expired on my passport.

    I have a need to make an urgent business trip to Belgium and hence need to get my VISA stamped for re-entry into US. My original (and only stamping) was done in Chennai Consulate, India.

    Can someone help me on the following:

    1. Can I get my re-stamping of VISA in Canada though my original stamping was in India ?

    2. How do I book the appointment to Canada ? Is there an online site where I can book the appointment (similar to India) ?

    3. What all documentations I need to take ?

    4. I have read in a few places the term "Out of Status". I do not know what it means - will my case be called "Out of status" ? (my VISA stamped on passport expired July 07, but I had valid I-94/H1B till Apr 11)

    5. Any tips / pointers / suggestions on going to Canada for stamping ? Is it risky ? Is there is a reasonable chance of getting the stamping ?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Warm Regards

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    1. Yes

    2. Yes. Search google with 'US consulate canada' or find on this site.

    3. Same as that you used while attending your first interview

    4. While on H1, you should always be paid, else you'll be out-of-status. i.e, you need to have pay stubs for all the period.

    5. No issues.