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  • Urgent, Please Help !!!


    I'm holding company A's (Desi Company) H1B and working with same client since past 2+ years. My H1B extension is due this year(2010) September. My company A is asking me to pay around $2500 to file my H1B extension.

    On February 2010, My current client told me that my contract will end by the end of March. So, I started looking for new projects. Then, I got an offer from Company B (Desi Company) and they are ready to transfer my H1B and along with the new project with pretty good billing.

    But yesterday(March 23) my client told me that they are extending my contract again for a 3-6 months. My billing is very low here and they reduced it again for this contract extension.

    Company A has around 700 consultants, pays on time and marketing is also fine.

    As per my research, Company B has around 400 consultants. I don't know how their marketing is, whether they pay on time or not.

    My questions are: (Please forgive for if I'm asking many)

    1) Should I transfer my H1B to Company B, in order to save $2500 bucks ?

    2) If I stay back with the current Company A (same client), will this help in
    filing Green Card, because I'm with them since quite long time??

    Please help me out. I'm really thankful for your time.


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    Two things you need to keep in mind.

    1) Paying for H1B is plain illegal. No one here is going to recommend you to break the law.

    2) While filing GC, the experience with the current company is not taken into account. So if you quit and join the new company, you can show the experience until the last date with your current company.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      These kind of decisions you should take yourself. Even if, someone from this forum says NO to A and YES to B I don't think you are going to listen...