Good afternoon,

Here is my scenario. Kindly read and help me with your past experiences / knowledge.
  • My H1 B visa and I-94 expired through my current employer as on 7/15/2019.
  • Filed H1, 2nd extension and got RFE (end client didn’t give the client letter), which I need to respond by Oct 1st, 2019. Currently in US.
  • Currently working for a client, through EVC (Employer-Prime Vendor-Client) Model.
  • Now, Trying to transfer my H1 to the Prime Vendor (PV) and they are filing under consular processing.

  1. What are my chances of getting H1 B approved through Consular Processing via Prime Vendor (PV)?
  2. Once H1 approved through PV, Which is the best country (Mexico / Canada) for H1 B stamping and re-enter US?
  3. Do I need to get Canadian / Mexican visa to enter into their country for H1 Visa stamping? Remember my I-94 got expired already.
  4. Is it advisable to go for H1 B stamping with dependents (on H4)?
  5. What are my chances of getting H1 B approved?
  6. What all the documentation I need to carry?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you