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H-4 visa stamping- help needed

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  • H-4 visa stamping- help needed

    I've recently joined another company and has filed for the transfer of my H-1 and my wife's H-4 . Still awaiting the approval on the same.

    Mean while, my wife is planning to go to India (before getting the approval on her H-4 transfer) and planning to do her visa stamping in India as her current visa has expired.

    In this case, will there be any issue for her visa stamping in India
    since her H-4 transfer petition will be pending at the time she
    leaves U.S. ?

    Also, I would like to know whether she requires a new H-4 transfer
    filing as she has to return her current I-94 at the airport when she
    departs from U.S.

    Please help me.