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H1B to F1 conversion

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  • H1B to F1 conversion

    Hi Guys,
    First of all thank you so much for going through this thread and providing your valuable suggestions.

    Below is my situation.
    I am currently employed/working on H1B visa in California.
    But due to some family situation I need to go back to my home country India for 6 to 12 months.
    My current employer is not allowing sabbatical and hence if I go back I will have to leave my current job.

    My education here in US is such that it will be very challenging for me to find a job in my hometown back in India.
    So I would like to come back to US after an year.

    I am planning to come back next year in August 2020 on F1 visa, look for jobs here while on F1 and then go back to H1B visa.
    My current H1B visa is valid till August 2021.

    Is this a possible scenario guys or do you see any problems with this?
    Please help.