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Question about the DS160 social media presence (specifically youtube).

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  • Question about the DS160 social media presence (specifically youtube).

    I have a youtube channel, I don't create content or anything but I do have a ton of subscriptions to other channels.

    Now when I put my channel name in the section for social media presence, the DS 160 web form converts it automatically to all caps. This is a problem because when you put it back into a browser, it points to a completely different channel.

    Now this has started to become a massive problem, since my only remaining option is to completely delete my youtube account. I dont want to do that, but I am running out of ideas (since the government looking at my account might look at someone else's and misinterpret anything written there).

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    Hi folks, challenges are popular, which are not a challenge at all, but a fresh game. In this case, more often from the participant/group of participants, only one thing is required. Such plays include signs, images, treason, code, game and mixed, with video and photo reports, hunt, etc. I watched such 24 hour challenges. There, the main persona was called Rebecca, if not mistaken. So she sat all this time in a small room, arranged spy things, made a slime that she did not succeed. There is a sequel, I think I should watch it. Do you like such 24 hour videos? Would you like to shoot the same one?