Hi All,

I received my H1B visa approval in February 2019, then i obtained my visa using that approval in April 2019. Afterwards my work assignment changed and an amendment was filed and approved through December 2020.

I then entered the US in June 2019, I am not required to obtain visa stamping based on the approved amendment valid to December 2020 however i needed to present this approval at the port of entry so that the officer would have granted me an I94 valid to December 2020. Since i did not present the approval valid to December 2020, at this time unfortunately the only way to resolve this and for me is to obtain an updated I94 to December 2020 is for me is to depart the US and re-enter and present your approval valid to 2020 so that an I94 can be granted as per new approval.

Is this Correct. If yes, what are the documents i have to carry.

Do i need to tell them that i crossed border for i94 Extension.

Please provide your inputs.

Thanks in advance.