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Company name different on H1B and H4 visa

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  • Company name different on H1B and H4 visa

    I worked for a company A' when my H1B was approved.
    Company was split into two with new names 'B' (Parent company with updated name) and 'C' (my present employer, sister company) .

    I went for H1B stamping and got approved in December 2018. Company name reflected as 'A' in my existing H1B. Did have letter to prove the name change process.
    Recently my wife went for her H4, with the same I797 approval notice and got approved. Her visa mentions company name 'B' (parent company with updated name).

    Is this an issue. H1B and H4 visa shows different company names on them. Both were based on same I797A approval.
    What should be the corrective measure if at all necessary?

    Thanks for all your inputs.