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Non Profit H1B to Profit H1B Issue

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  • Non Profit H1B to Profit H1B Issue

    I am currently on non profit H1B visa and last week my cap subject( Profit H1B) H1B got approved. 1)Can I stay in my current job, which is on a cap-exempt H1B, even after my cap-subject H1B petition gets approved?
    2)If I stay with my non profit H1B now Can I move to profit H1B in the future without going through lottery process.
    3) what happens if my profit H1B employer withdraw my petition? Can my profit H1B still considered as cap exempt in the future.
    4)If I want to continue with my non profit H1B can I leave the other profit H1B without doing anything? If so Can I use that H1B after 6 months?