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h1b Visa stamping question-Islamabad Pakistan

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  • h1b Visa stamping question-Islamabad Pakistan

    Hello everyone,,
    I went for the H1B interview last week I had applied for myslef and my wife .
    At the end of my H1B Visa inteview visa officer handed me a white paper saying "please wait until further notice".
    She also told me currency exchange rates that she will inform my company that visa was not issued because they need further processing.
    However my passport was not stamped.she was keeping my passport but then she said that I can bring it back later. My wife was not interviewed as the VO told me she can only be inteviewed once some decision is made on my application.

    I am really confused ,Does this signify that my visa has been refused?
    I was not asked to bring any additional documents so why was I not issued or refused a visa right away ?
    Do they stamp the refusal on passport if visa is rejected.?
    Shall I expect that I will be called for a second interview.