I have approved I-140 from old employer and going to H1B visa stamping with New employer H1B petition.

I accidentally answered NO to the question on DS-160 form "Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?"

My employer visa team is saying fill up new DS160 form , select option YES (provide old employer approved I-140 details ) and explain at biometrics that this mistake is corrected so that they will consider new DS-160 barcode.

Can you please confirm does office at biometrics will accept new DS160 barcode with this small change ?

Could you please help here if I fill up new DS160 and explain at biometrics which DS160 VO officer will see during interview ?

Does this small mistake will cause 221-g in my case ? I know during interview VO will not give chance to me explain regarding this mistake.

Please share your inputs here. Thanks so much.