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Info on changing status from H1(240 day grace period) to K Visa

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  • Info on changing status from H1(240 day grace period) to K Visa

    Here is our situation, any advice will be helpful -

    1 - Arrived to US from India on H1b Visa in Oct 2014. Since then went through 2 successful extensions in March 2015 and March 2016.
    2 - The previous extension was from March 2016- March 2019
    3 - My employer filed for extension this year in March. It resulted in a RFE in June, to which me and my employer responded in the same month.
    4 - Since March 6th 2019 I am on 240 grace period which ends Nov 6th.
    5 - Upon not hearing from USCIS for 6 months on the extension petition I requested my employer to convert the petition from regular to premium in September this year.
    6 - The premium processing result came on Sept 25th on USCIS website which state my I-129 petition is denied and we are waiting to receive the notice in mail with the denial reason.

    My partner (US Citizen) and I are engaged and now in a situation where we have time only till Nov 6th. We are wondering what would be the process while we both are in the US to adjust to a fiancee visa. Given our situation with me being in 240 day grace period we dont know what's best, any advice will be helpful.