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  • H1B to H4

    Hello All

    I need some information regarding shifting from H-1B to H4. I have a valid H-1B Visa till 2021 (First 3 years). I'm working in Texas and my husband is in Wisconsin. I'm not able to find a job in Wisconsin area or Illinois area as I need a H-1B transfer. So I'm planning to shift to H4 for some time and in the mean time my husband's employer will start filing for I-140.
    1. How long will it take for H4 processing?
    2. Should I keep working until H4 gets approved?
    3. Because I used only 1 year of my H-1B out of 6 year term. Will my H-1B get expired?
    4. If I want to work in the future, do I need to wait until I get H4-EAD or will I be able to use my unused H-1B?
    5. If in future, some employer sponsors me H-1B will it still have to go through lottery?

    Please provide your valuable suggestions.
    Thanks in advance.

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    3. No
    4.You can use your H1
    5. Will be cap exempt provided you haven't used up your full quota of 6 yrs. on H1B.
    Just an opinion; Not legal advice.