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H1B application denied

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  • H1B application denied


    after finishing my MBA in the US I applied for an H1B visa with a potential employer. After a long time of waiting the application was denied. I would like to know if that means that I have to leave the US immediately or is there a grace period? If I stay in the US for a while before leaving will I be banned from reentering again for visits (visitor or tourist visa)?
    What are infos I need to know in this case?

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    There is no such thing as grace period. When did your F1 I-94 expire? If it has already expired, then your stay in U.S is illegal. For staying illegal for more than 6 months you could get up to 3 year ban. If you stay illegal for more than 12 months, you could get up to 10 year ban.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      first of all you need to check your I 94 expiry. If its already expired and since your h1b is denied you cannot extend also. If its expired than, yes, your stay will be illegal since u are out of status now