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    Hello Folks,

    I have received an H1B RFE. I am in Employer Vendor Company Model. I got RFE on Employer Employee Relationship and Specialty Occupation.

    My Employer tells me these days it is standard to get RFE's and Attorney's would be able to handle it.

    My Question:-

    1. How do we prove Employer Employee Relationship in EVC Model. (We submitted Status Reports i.e. Monthly and Quarterly ).We submitted Client Letter which clearly states the company has control. Even then they gave a query.

    2. Specialty Occupation - I have a Masters in Computer Science in USA and I am Microsoft Developer. How do we show that this is a specialty occupation. The client letter clearly mentions Bachelor's Degree atleast required. Even then a query has been issued.

    3. What if H1B is denied after answering the RFE ? What are my options.