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Scheduled for consular appointment even after interview waiver eligible

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  • Scheduled for consular appointment even after interview waiver eligible


    My wife who is on H1b was using the ustraveldocs website to schedule for drop box as she was eligible for drop box program. When she answered all the questions she qualified for interview waiver program and then she went ahead and paid the visa fee. After she paid the visa fee the website asked for how do you want to pick up the passport, after she gave pick up option from a blue dart location, the website instead of asking for a drop off location went straight into consular appointment booking without even asking for finger printing appointment.
    1. Had anybody had this experience before? I.e you are eligible for interview waiver but when you go ahead with the appointment it goes straight to consular appointment.
    2. Also, the fact that ustraveldocs website did not ask for finger printing appointment but straight away asked to schedule the consular appointment.

    We called up ustraveldocs support and they asked us to send email to their email I’d which we did but we haven’t seen a response. Wanted to ask this in the forum if someone had this kind of experience.
    We are concerned that if we go to the consulate without going for finger printing we will be turned back at the gate so that’s why the question.


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    UPDATE - After emailing ustraveldocs email id [email protected] , we got a reply this morning that they have made changes to the profile and asked us to cancel the existing appointment and start over again. We cancelled the appointment and started over again and this time we were able to choose drop off location without any. Looks like there was some glitch in the website and they corrected it from the backend.
    wanted to update the status so that this could help someone who has the same issue in the future.