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go out of USA with a H1b approval and a pending H1b approval

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  • go out of USA with a H1b approval and a pending H1b approval

    I have a H1b with company A in New York through which I went to India and got visa stamping. this visa is valid till November 2005. Now within USA, in July i changed to employer B in New Jersey and got a H1b approval for employer B. For the purpose of Green Card, I have again applied for H1b transfer to employer C in Maine. This H1b transfer is under processing (still not received EAC number for this) and I don't expect to receive approval before middle of February.
    I have to go to India in middle of January.

    I know that I don't require visa restamping as my visa based on employer A will expire only in November 2005 and I have h1b approval in hand for employer B.
    My main query is : IS IT ADVISABLE TO GO OUT OF USA WITH A PENDING H1B APPROVAL through employer C.
    There is a chance of my h1b through employer C getting approved while I am still in India, but in case the result is still pending, what should I do ?
    I want to avoid paying $1000 out of my pocket to expedite this h1b approval under employer C.
    Please discuss the risk involved.