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H1B approval notice and I-129 copy..urgent!

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  • H1B approval notice and I-129 copy..urgent!

    I am currently on OPT and has got my H1B approved and I have received the approval notice with a start date of Oct 1, 2010. I am going to change my employer before that and new employer B would be applying for a new petition and will include the copy of my H1B approval notice so that I would not be counted again into the quota. Since I received the scanned copy of approvl notice at this time and attorney will be sending original approval notice and I-129 petition copy in mail. As per attorney, he may take 2 weeks from now to send the mail. Here I have a question:

    Should I wait to receive the original notice and I-129 COPY to come in mail before I resign or my scanned copy of approval notice is sufficient to use afterwards with employer B petition?

    What about I-129 copy from employer A? I am not sure if I need I-129 copy of employer A petition afterwards during VISA stamping for employer B. Should I wait for that to come in mail and have that before I resign from employer A?

    Please clarify. Any answers would be highly appreciated.

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    Copy of I-797 approval notice is enough to prove that you are CAp counted.
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